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rape of a woman on a bus. they say they will take tough actions against rape and violence against women. >>> the volcano started spewing ash and gas. it is on the border with argentina. so far no evacuations have been ordered around the area. >>> pg&e has offered $550 million in the deadly san bruno explosion. but the utility will not admit to safety breaches fathering a criminal charge. consumer groups turned down the deal. eight people died and 20 people were hurt in the explosion. >>> accounts were filed by the company in ireland. the social media said they funneled money which was transferred to the cayman islands. they say it is known as a double irish where payments are moved to subsidiaries in order to pay lower taxes. >>> the tools come and decide to make muni scheduling the focus of app problems showing real locations to passengers. for now it's being tried out at the station. >>> they were routed by the seahawks. seattle got up to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter by this time martian lynch. he scored the first two touchdowns and david scored for another touchdown. they have no
will rule this morning. we are anticipating some type of action on proposition 8 which is the states ruling on gay marriage. now this is a similar situation to what we saw on monday this week where the justices met behind closed doors to decide whether or not to take the case. but let's lay out what could happen this morning and this afternoon. the first is that the justices could completely refuse to review the lower courts ruling that essentially states that prop 8 is illegal. this is a key if that is the case, then gay pup couples could legal -- gay couples could legally marry next week. the justices could decide to hear the case if that happens a ruling on prop 8 could come by june and a third situation which is similar to what happened on monday what we may be anticipating today the justices would put any action on hold until further notice. they are not required to provide any reason why but it could be january until any action on prop 8 is heard again. but again we'll get reaction and any reaction here from the castro district if there is a ruling that comes this morning or this afte
the tragic events inspired this u.s. marine to take action in his community... >> americans are getting fed up with the stalled negotiations about the fiscal cliff. a majority of taxpayers want one particular side to bulging. >> reporter: president barack obama and house speaker john boehner butted heads publicly and are at odds over who should pay more in taxes. more than half of taxpayers want republicans to give and 44% want democrats to give in negotiations. house speaker john boehner put his plan "b" at a vote and that would raise taxes for those making more than $1 million a year but president barack obama said he will veto it. he expects anybody making more than 400,000 a year should be taxed. tax increases will go into effect for everyone less than one week today. >> we are two weeks from the fiscal cliff and there is still time for us to come to an agreement and i hope that this time will be well used. >> and we are expecting an earful when the house meets in about 45 minutes and puts plan "b" to a vote sometime this afternoon. life in washington carla campbell ktvu channel 2 morni
to afghanistan authorities. >>> if they don't take action by the end of this month they will go over the fiscal cliff. coming up, we will have the jobs that could be lost if those automatic cuts take affect. >> former president clinton is here as part of a celebrity forum speaker series. he said hillary rodham clinton is in great shape and has unbelievable stamina but she needs rest before deciding what she does next. she will not be secretary of state for president barack obama's second term. >>> it happened at the bridge toll booth. they broke the stories and at least two toll takers have been on the loose for months now. they would announce more information today. residents in san mateo counties are being asked to cut back on water. it stirred upset men at -- up set -- sediment and until they fix it, they will be importing water from further away. >>> they are making $1 million available to fix a huge sinkhole. it happened during a major storm. a clogged up storm drain added to the problems. it will allow the water to drain out of that sinkhole to get a more permanent fix. >>> stay right her
spoke with the church's pastor and about her heroic actions during his sermon. >> she was trying to protect the children and jumping in front of them, which is why the bullet got her. >> the woman is in stable condition and is expected to recover. a man outside is also in stable condition and we do not know if he was the intended victim. >>> police say william spangledder wanted to kill people. they found a body in his home. they say he hated her and their mother died in the house two months ago. >>> states with tough gun laws have fewer deaths. they are trying to prevent gun violence known as california and hawaii have fewer killings per capita. states with fewer restrictions have more deaths per capita. they demonstrated that gun laws do not work. >>> in napa, we have a tree branch and a tree also blocking. we can show you we still have this earlier accident at the boulevard. we have a vehicle spin out and another car hit that car and it's blocked, but it seems traffic is able to get through and there are not too many people out on the roadways. 237 near milpitas and you can se
. >> yes, 6:49 let's go to tara, she is following action going on in the east bay. >>> the off ramp is closed down for a few minutes, possibly longer and this is due to an overturned car. we will let you know how it is impacting traffic. you can see traffic is sluggish but still moving. and as you work towards the caldecott tunnel traffic is going well all morning long. and traffic is also flowing nicely on the right-hand side towards foster city and on the opposite side towards hayward. >>> it is beautiful looking out towards the bay and it is overcast but there are breaks in the overcast and we will be trending in that direction and the cloud deck will gradually thin out. temperatures are not extremely cold mainly in the 40s and oakland and san rafael checking in at 48. here is a perspective of the big batch of clouds and no raindrops for your thursday and we will take this into friday as there is another chance of a few more showers for your friday. and it is all on the light side and it will linger into saturday primarily early morning hours of saturday. most of your weekend at
. the president is demanding action to keep children safe. >>> california school superintendent expects a lot of discussion about school safety after what happened in connecticut. all 1100 school districts have been told they have to review their safety plans. >>> and san francisco police are busy they are searching for three home invasion robber. three masked men who tied up and robbed a man in san francisco. it happened on slow boulevard in the sunset district about 2:00 this morning. the victims were not hurt. >>> overnight in san francisco a man was rescued after getting stuck in a chimney. it happened at about 11:30 last night at presidio heights apartment. firefighters had to use special equipment to get him out. authorities say they have no idea how they got stuck. >> when we arrived we found one person inside of the chimney here. we utilized the rescue squad. we had to break some of the bricks to remove enough bricks to be able to facilitate getting him out. >> the man was rushed to the hospital. police are not released information on his condition. >>> kate middleton the duchess of c
of california law. >> attorneys say case law may support throwing out the federal action on a statue of limitations technicality. prosecutors say large marijuana operations are prone to abusing state marijuana laws and allowing pot to fall into the hands of people without medical marijuana certificates. >>> your time 6:26. let's check our commute. sal is back. you are checking on things now right? >> that is right. we are looking at the south bay. just look at what is going on with the 280 commute which is usually very busy still seems as if people are on the road get into the west valley. although you will see traffic that is going to be a little lighter than usual. 680 still has people coming through the fremont area. and 580 we are getting a little bit of a crowd. let's go to rose mare marry. >>> we are looking at wet weather continuing for your friday. a look here at where we are getting hit pretty good. we have light to moderate rain. it's taking its time but it is shifting south ever so slowly. some moderate to heavy rain right now over calistoga and st. helena. we will continu
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8